Potty Training

Intensive Potty and Toilet Training Programme

Squib and Squidge Potty Training

During school holidays we are leading the way with intensive potty training for your little one. 

If you feel your child is ready to try but your obligations are making it difficult for you to commit why not let us do the hard work.

We would ideally recommend at least a full week of childcare which will focus on all aspects of toilet training, followed by a second week if possible to ensure that your child is fully able to toilet themselves as independently as possible.

Ask yourself:

  • Is your child pulling at their nappy?
  • Hiding when they wee or poo?
  • Are they interested in copying others using the toilet?
  • Are they having a dry nappy on for longer than usual?
  • Are they still dry after a nap?
  • Are they able to tell you they’ve been or are about to go?

If you recognise any of these your child is likely ready to embark on our training programme.

Price Guide
  • First week – 5 days – 8am to 6pm – £225
  • Second week if required – £200
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Absolutely amazing, highly recommend

Siân L