Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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By visiting Squib and Squidge you are happy to accept the contents of this policy.

 If you have any queries or questions regarding the privacy notice then please do not hesitate to speak either Squib and Squidge.

Squib and Squidge understand that you will want to know how information about you is used and shared, and we appreciate your trust.  We will always record and keep confidential records safely and securely.

What personal information about users does Squib and Squidge need from you?

Squib and Squidge will need to gain information from you regarding your contact details, ages and first names of children so that we can provide you with the best possible chidcare experience.

Does Squib and Squidge share the information it receives?

The only reason we would share information about you or child is if we had concerns that there was a safeguarding issue, in which case we would follow our Safeguarding policy and pas on our concerns to the local children’s safeguarding board.

We will use your email address only to keep you informed of developments and changes within our business, Squib and Squidge.

If you do not want to receive emails please speak to Squib and Squidge, however, invoices and most of our communication is completed via email.  

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